Scheduled Maintenance Report for AdvicePay
The scheduled maintenance has been completed.
Posted Sep 14, 2023 - 02:32 MDT
Discover the latest advancements in AdvicePay's newest release. This wave of enhancements is now currently live in our app.

1. When testing with fake checks, AdvicePay used to manually update the status of checks. We’ve implemented logic that will automatically change the status of checks to Transmitted a day after it’s been uploading enabling Firms to more easily test checks.
2. Users can now disable automatic payments on subscriptions, making it easier to facilitate subscription invoices that are getting paid outside of AdvicePay. When a subscription has automatic payments disabled a new invoice will still be generated, but payment will not be auto-collected.
3. When a Total Engagement Fee is specified on an Engagement, we moved the data validation from the final confirmation step to the Invoicing step.
4. The Payment Amount field is auto-formatted to place a decimal point.
5. Account owners will now receive emails when advisors are deleted or roles are changed, so that they can easily manage the clients who may have been impacted.
6. If an office manager moved to an office that had an office manager, both showed as office managers (even though there should only be one office manager). With this bug fix, when existing office managers move to another office they will be a Managing Advisor.
7. A bug was causing weekly deliverable summary emails to be sent daily. This fix will send Weekly Deliverable Summary emails once a week on Mondays.
8. If a client’s office was being updated at the same time as other client information was being updated, then we were not properly updating the office that the client belonged to.
9. On the subscription export, some values were showing up as Cents. Going forward, these amounts will be Dollars.
10. If a client moved offices, the Office ID on the Engagement wasn’t also updated.
11. In rare instances if a client’s email address was typed in when sending a document, and already had an existing account, and was the first signer we were setting that client on the Deliverable. Now when Deliverables get created we’re searching for the Client on the Agreement.
12. In the Email Log when searching for a user’s name, we only displayed results if the user’s name was in the subject or body of the email. We’ve implemented a solution that displays results related to those users, even if their name isn’t in the email.
Posted Sep 14, 2023 - 01:40 MDT
This scheduled maintenance affected: Release Notes.